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--- Comment #4 from Odin Trisk <fedora-bugzilla-odin at the-morg.org> ---
Re Comment #:1  F16 includes this fix from what I can see.
The debuginfo shows the code in the patch that supposidly fixes this upstream.

Also note the error is that it is accessing a 4 byte range at byte 20 into
block of 22.  I would guess that this isn't being allocated inside the method
due to the missing symbol "???".

I am claiming (with this comment) that the allocation of the memory is not
happening inside "FcConfigFileExists"  where the patch linked in Comment #:1 to
round up the malloc call to a even size of 4 bytes is already included in F16. 
Therefore it would have been an allocation of 24 bytes if that code path did
the allocation, gdb shows the source to have the patch change included in the
F16 release but still the same valgrind invalid read-4 output happens as show
in the original bug report.

My valgrind runs are from May 2012.

I also do not think this has anything to do with caches the full valgrind
backtrace shows up it is part of the configuration parsing and in the methods
being called (listed in the valgrind report) the code is mainly manipulating a
full pathnames.

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