[Bug 863817] Liberation Sans Hebrew needs Redesign (Willing to contribute)

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Mon Oct 8 12:17:46 UTC 2012


--- Comment #3 from Lior Halphon <LIJI32 at gmail.com> ---
The entire Hebrew was redone. The previous glyphs were taken directly from
Droid Sans which do not match the weight and style of the Latin Liberation
Sans, and were generally badly made.

1. Metric compatibility with which fonts? The newly designed Hebrew glyphs are
more or less (Could be further adjusted) with Narkis Tam, the Hebrew equivalent
for Helvetica. Regarding previous version of Liberation Sans, as far as I know
the Hebrew glyphs for it were only recently added, and were hardly used because
of Droid Sans which had the same glyphs, Dejavu Sans which had better Hebrew
Glyphs and CoreFonts' popular Arial.

2. When I designed Dejavu Sans Hebrew I manually hinted all glyphs for extra
clarity. I wouldn't mind manually hinting the new Hebrew glyphset.

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