[Bug 863817] Liberation Sans Hebrew needs Redesign (Willing to contribute)

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Mon Oct 8 14:28:40 UTC 2012


--- Comment #5 from Lior Halphon <LIJI32 at gmail.com> ---
Matching metrics with Arial Hebrew might not be entirely a good idea – while
Latin Arial has good proportions due to it being metric compatible with
Helvetica, Arial Hebrew suffers from weird proportions that hurt its
readability.  For example, in Arial, the letter Bet (05D1) is much wider the
letter Tet (05D8), while the opposite should be true. In analog to Latin, it
would be a font where lowercase T is wider than lowercase N. Additionally, it
seems that the current Hebrew glyphset in Liberation Sans isn't metric
compatible with Arial in the first place. Metric compatibility with Narkis Tam
(One of the fonts Arial Hebrew is based on, but with better proportions, and is
equivalent to Helvetica) will result in better readability.

Despite this, I'm able to modify the letters to match Arial's metrics, but it
will significantly damage the readability. (Either way – the result will still
be better than the current glyphs)

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