[Bug 819875] [RFE] Move font provide generation rules and scripts to fontpackages-devel

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Wed Sep 5 12:24:15 UTC 2012


Paul Flo Williams <paul at frixxon.co.uk> changed:

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--- Comment #1 from Paul Flo Williams <paul at frixxon.co.uk> ---
Here's my take on exactly what needs to be changed for this to happen, for
review. It doesn't look that complicated, but I may have misunderstood
something and I don't quite know how to finish this off.

Relevant other bugs, from comment 1:

Bug 757105 appears to be stuck on Fontconfig upstream, and doesn't impact most
of our font packages, so I'll ignore it for now.

Bug 521697 suggests changing fc-query to fc-scan at first, but ends with the
recommendation of still using fc-query with a faked-up fontconfig path that
just includes the fontconfig file of the font we're packaging, so that is

So, we will be grabbing font.attr and fontconfig.prov from rpm.git and moving
them to fontpackages. We will make some changes on the way.

font.attr is as simple as this:

  %__font_provides %{_rpmconfigdir}/fontconfig.prov
  %__font_requires %{nil}
  %__font_magic [Ff]ont?( (program|collection))?( (text|data))

We don't currently generate font provides for any fonts outside
/usr/share/fonts, so we could add these two lines as well:

  %__font_path ^%{_datadir}/fonts/
  %__font_flags magic_and_path

(Yeah, there shouldn't *be* any fonts outside here, but ...)

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