[Bug 860249] Review Request: adobe-sourcecodepro-fonts - A set of mono-spaced OpenType fonts designed for coding environments

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Thu Sep 27 11:45:05 UTC 2012


--- Comment #11 from Michael J Gruber <mjg at fedoraproject.org> ---
(In reply to comment #10)
> i was not aware of the dupe when i started. i will not take offence on the
> tone in your reply.

?? There would have been no reason to.

> the fixed the spec url (it does only differ in the package name anyway):
> http://www.math.hu-berlin.de/~florek/adobe-source-code-pro-fonts.spec


I compared your spec to the one for adobe source sans pro. The points where
they differ don't matter too much (your use of %{fontname} is actually more
complete) except for one which I missed first: Unless there's a specific
reason, you should package only one format of the font, in this case only otf,


So, please remove the 2 occurrences of \*.ttf and increase the -2 to -3. (It's
good you did that during review for -1 to -2 already, but please update the
changelog also.)

Everything else still looks good.

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