[Bug 860249] Review Request: adobe-sourcecodepro-fonts - A set of mono-spaced OpenType fonts designed for coding environments

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Thu Sep 27 12:50:08 UTC 2012


--- Comment #12 from Matt Rose <mrose at n-able.com> ---
(In reply to comment #9)
> (In reply to comment #7)
> rpmlint gives 2 errors on that rpm. The lines in the spec are too long, and
> the source URL does not resolve.

I'll take a look at that.

> Is this really a straight adaption of the source sans spec?

Yep, just changed Sans to Code in a few places.  I'll attach the diff once I
fix the rpmlint errors.

> Have you filed a packaging request, Matt? We don't want another dupe.

No, I found this packaging request and noticed that Tobias's URLs weren't
resolving, so I added the url's to this bug for the packages that I had already

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