Error monitoring 'sil-scheherazade-fonts' with Upstream Release Monitoring

upstream-release-monitoring at upstream-release-monitoring at
Fri Aug 9 05:37:20 UTC 2013

Your Fedora package 'sil-scheherazade-fonts' is monitored by Upstream Release
Monitoring (, but no
upstream version can be found. The error message is:
ERROR:cnucnu:Failed to fetch upstream information for package 'sil-scheherazade-fonts' (sil-scheherazade-fonts: no upstream version found. - - \bScheherazadeRegOT[-_](?i)(?:(?:src|source)[-_])?([^-/_\s]*?\d[^-/_\s]*?)(?:[-_.](?:src|source|orig))?\.(?:tar|t[bglx]z|tbz2|zip)\b)

Please adjust the entry for your package at:

If you have questions, feel free to reply to this e-mail.

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