[Bug 1013949] Problematic shapes for some letters of the macedonian alphabet.

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Tue Dec 3 00:07:28 UTC 2013


--- Comment #2 from Petar <pvelkovski at gmail.com> ---
Pravin Satpute I find the whole situation a bit confusing concerning the
Serbian version, at least when the "b" (be) letter is concerned. Serbia and
Macedonia used to be a part of a same country, Yugoslavia, and our alphabets
were (and should still be) "almost" the same.

Just take a look at the wikipedia page for the Serbian cyrilic alphabet -
or the book scan from year 1818 on the same page -
and you might come to conclusion that the regular form for their "b" (be)
letter should be as the one I'm asking to be fixed in the macedonian version.
The italic version, as I said is probably correct, although I fint it to be
somehow too thick at the top part.

But this is the easiest part of correcting the bug I opened, since it only
requires removing few rules, as long as we speak about the "be". I even managed
to do this on my own using font gorge, even though I have never used it, or any
other font creation software, before.

What I would really hope to see is someone more proficient with font creation
fixing the "gje" shape, as it looks inceredibly inconsistent and unprofessional
when used in printed documents (as of version 4.1 of LibreOffice, we can finaly
froce writer to use the proper localised version of the font). The current form
would be correct if it was part of a sans serif font, where italics are
identical to the regular shapes, but only slanted (and aditionaly "ghe" used
the same convention), while, in serif fonts, the italic forms simulate the
cursive writing forms.

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