[Bug 547472] Allow turning OT features on from fontconfig config file

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Fri Jan 11 04:07:34 UTC 2013

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--- Comment #2 from Behdad Esfahbod <behdad at gnome.org> 2013-01-10 22:43:29 UTC ---
I went ahead and did this in pango:

    <match target="font">
      <edit name="pangofontfeatures" mode="append">

And sent mail upstream to see if it makes sense to put it in fontconfig itself.

Re reporting the capabilities, fontconfig already has OpenType scripts:

capability: "otlayout:DFLT otlayout:arab otlayout:armn otlayout:brai
otlayout:cans otlayout:cher otlayout:cyrl otlayout:geor otlayout:grek
otlayout:hani otlayout:hebr otlayout:kana otlayout:lao  otlayout:latn
otlayout:math otlayout:nko  otlayout:ogam otlayout:runr otlayout:tfng

which, admittedly, is not that useful.  I don't know what would be a nice
format to report the features in a user-friendly way.

On the other hand, one can argue that there is not reason to put this in
fontconfig at all.  HarfBuzz knows all this, so GUIs can access it.  And
eventually we will have a hb-query that is specilized to do these kinds of
reporting.  I'm leaning towards that approach.

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