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> > > FWIW I’ve put together a test page for the locl features in EB Garamond. They are all “simple” locales (serbian, catalan, german and turkish).
> > > 
> > > http://www.georgduffner.at/ebgaramond/tests/locltest.html
> > 
> > Georg, thanks for these. Could you (e.g. on the page itself) explain a bit more what's supposed to happen if correct locl support is activated vs. what the page looks like if that's not the case?
> I’ve updated the page with an explanation and with a screenshot of the expected result.

On Chromium/Linux one locl is active, namely the one corresponding to your system’s locale. In my case the latter being de-AT, I get correct rendering for german examples but not only on the right but also on the left side (which should be english locl as declared in the header). I tested this by setting my OS to tr which resulted in correct rendering for all the Turkish examples and false for all the others.

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