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> > I’ve updated the page with an explanation and with a screenshot of the expected result.
> Thanks - that's a good starting point for creating some LayoutTests later.

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> > On Chromium/Linux one locl is active, namely the one corresponding to your system’s locale. 
> That's wrong, the browser should use the locl corresponding to the locale the run of text is marked with
> (I suspect chromium has no locl awareness and it only "works" because it is unaware the system font stack is locl-compatible)

Thinking deeper about the above said, it looks, like this is not an issue of webkit any longer. The example of Chromium shows that locl is applied, just not the correct one because the browser doesn’t handle the lang-attribute correctly.

I think, we have to look into the browsers we use and file bugs at their trackers.

I did so for Chromium here: http://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=224170

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