[Bug 1026871] math rendering using stix-fonts in Firefox is broken

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Mon Mar 3 23:22:27 UTC 2014


--- Comment #8 from Elliott Sales de Andrade <quantum.analyst at gmail.com> ---
> The point is, 1.0 stix structure is obsolete and dead upstream, it's high time Mathjax adapted, and I won't create another TEX-like morass in Fedora with piles of obsolete fonts kept around to help code that does not want to update and does not feel the need to update because the obsolete parts are kept around by distributors.

I'm sorry, but the developers disagree, and I quote:

The STIX-1.1 fonts include the STIXGeneral distribution as well as the STIX
Word fonts. The STIX repository at SourceForge has four distribution files:
STIXv1.1.1-webfonts.zip, which include the original STIXGeneral (called
stix-web) as well as the STIX-MathJax web fonts; STIXv1.1.1-word.zip, which is
the 5-font version in families STIX and STIXMath packaged for use with Word
(the ones used by Fedora); STIXv1.1.0-latex.zip, which is the fonts packaged
for use with TeX; and STIXv1.1.0.zip, which includes the original STIXGeneral
as well as the STIX Word fonts. Note that *all* of these are STIX v1.1, the
current version.

The first and last of these include the STIXGeneral fonts (updated to the v1.1
glyphs and positions), and these are the most recent files. Indeed, the
STIX-webfonts archive is from this year, and includes the STIXGeneral packaging
(not the word format). To say that STIpub as abandoned the STIXGeneral format
is to deeply misunderstand the current situation. The STIXGeneral fonts are not
v1.0, they are v1.1, just as STIX Word is. They are not an older version, and
not obsolete or outdated. The Fedora aliasing of these names to STIX Word is
broken, plain and simple.

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