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So I tried to unbitrot
It seems however, that it's no longer possible to determine if Web fonts are
currently loading from mUserFontSet (at least without extending the API).
Although I'm not exactly sure whether or not we want to wait these fonts before
raising a warning...

This version exposes a scriptable XPCOM interface to install packages via
PackageKit, so in theory it could be used from Mozilla add-ons (not tested
yet). I guess that could be useful (for example to make the MathML-fonts add-on
install the system package). PackageKit seems to have other useful method to
install font packages by languages or gstreamer codec.

> GIO's GDBus is the new way for GLib/GTK apps such as Gecko apps to use DBus, but Firefox is built against an older GIO which doesn't have GDBus.

Do you know if this is still true? The patch seems to work for me with my
system's GIO. At worse, I guess it could be a compilation define that the Linux
distribution maintainers can enable for their Firefox's versions.

> Fedora-side at least the font provides are generated by fontconfig, and are not distribution-specific (and if those provides are insufficient for some distribution I do hope they'll get the fontconfig provides generator improved instead of inventing their own metadata)

For MathML, the plan after bug 407059, bug 947654 and others is to move to
OpenType fonts with a MATH table (see
for a list of such fonts). In particular, Latin Modern Math is likely to become
the default.

At the moment, I've tried with the "InstallPackageNames" method. But for
example the Debian package name for STIX is fonts-stix while the one of Fedora
is stix-fonts. Do you think there is a less distrib-dependent PackageKit method
or would the Linux maintainers have to write patches to modify the list of
fonts to install?

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