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Tue Jan 6 14:26:05 UTC 2015


--- Comment #1 from Marek Kašík <mkasik at redhat.com> ---
(In reply to Alexei Podtelezhnikov from comment #0)
> Please update.

I'm plan to do so now since I'm back from holidays and freetype have got to the
top of my TODO list.

> I am puzzled why FreeType is never updated in the middle of release cycle.

Because it can introduce incompatible changes which I don't want to get in
during stable release.

> Are you sure that backporting fixes is safer?

I don't think that it is safer (could it be?). I actually think that it is
equally safe if done well.

> Really?


> libpng, libjpeg-turbo, cairo, fontconfig are all fine to update, but not
> FreeType.

Freetype is required by quite a lot of packages so I'm quite careful when
rebasing it.

> I never ever had any problem with updated versions. You do not seem to have
> problems updating between releases. So why?

I usually rebase freetype in rawhide which is a testing release where users can
expect changes but they don't want them in stable release (and me too (except
of fixes of bugs of course)).

> I *know* that changes FreeType introduces changes very carefully.

I've looked at changes between versions of freetype in current stable releases
(F20 and F21) and their +1 versions and got this list of changes I don't want
to introduce into stable releases:

2.5.0 - 2.5.1:
 - The header file layout has been changed. After installation, all files are
now located in `<prefix>/include/freetype2'.

2.5.3 - 2.5.4:
 - Some fields in the `FT_Bitmap' structure have been changed from signed to
unsigned type, which better reflects the actual usage. It is also an additional
means to protect against malformed input.
   - This change doesn't break the ABI; however, it might cause compiler
     - But it still changes API!

 - Values of ft_sfnt_* were specified before, they are not now.

> Please reconsider your policy.

I'll check every new freetype whether it is pushable to stable release.

Have a nice day!


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