[Bug 1198246] Review Request: oflb-coval-fonts - Derivation of other free of charge fonts

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Tue Mar 3 21:50:33 UTC 2015


--- Comment #6 from Paulo Andrade <paulo.cesar.pereira.de.andrade at gmail.com> ---
Hi Carlos. First I believe Parag instructions were all
correct, and Parag already knows a lot about fonts,
appdata, etc issues.

Also, I was looking at previous reviews, and your
reviews. I really would like some input from Parag
on this, as I do not want to step over, as Parag
was about to sponsor you.

Carlos, you change your accounts too fast, it is
hard to keep track of you :)

Since you asked me in a private email, I will help you;
and I understand you want to become a packager and
contribute :) the fact that you can talk to me in
spanish and understand me talking portuguese helps :)
But I need you to comment on the below issues; some are
actually to help me better help you :), as I maintain
mostly scientific/math packages in Fedora.

1) The prefix "oflb" prefix/foundry, can you comment
on it? Is it standard? Maybe it would be better named
breton-Coval-fonts ?

2) I believe you should use 0 as version, in case upstream
switches to a properly versioned release. That is, instead
of "Version: 1.00" have "Version: 0", and for release
can keep the same format, so that when rebuilding, bump
the leading "1".

3) Please give an explanation about the values, and why
choosing 63-oflb-coval.conf for fontconfig, I mean the
reason of choosing 63.

4) I do not like the idea of using fold to reformat the
license file. Please use only sed.

5) Your reviews were mostly asking for spelling corrections
due to rpmlint warnings. Unless it is really really wrong,
please ignore those warnings. You started using fedora-review
and setting mock options, etc, so, could trigger by yourself
a lot of different kinds of errors, that is good :)

6) I suggest adding "BuildRequires: appdata-tools"
to the spec, and in %install, run
"appstream-util validate coval.metainfo.xml"
or "validate-relax", that will cause it to pass.

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