Liberation 2.0 font development plan based on croscore fonts.

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Mon May 21 06:23:30 UTC 2012

Hi All,

  Most of you aware regarding liberation license problem we are facing from
long time. Looks like time came when we can get rid of it.

 Google has recently released google-croscore fonts.
    -  These are from same vendor ascendar with OFL license and more glyph
coverage than existing liberation.
    -  Existing shape in liberation and same as croscore since from the
same vendor.

    - Use base of croscore fonts and apply enhancements available in
liberation and call new entity liberation 2.0

   1. Liberation license issues will get resolved
   2. Liberation user community will get enhanced fonts. i.e. more language

  Need help from legal for doing licensing stuff, dunno how we can crack
licensing of Liberation SansNarrow.

Pravin Satpute
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