Bid process for FUDCon EMEA 2010

Marcus Moeller mail at
Mon Feb 15 15:51:41 UTC 2010


> Hi folks, I'm new in this process (and just subscribed) but I'd like to
> offer Brno again for next FUDCon EMEA event. Those who has been here two
> years ago already know the place, for the rest of you - we have a very good
> connection with local university - faculty of informatics that allows us to
> do this kind of event for pretty much nothing. ( I can
> provide some cost estimations for lodging and other stuff, most of that can
> be found on the old FUDCon Brno page.
> In the autumn we did a similar type of event at uni, we called that
> Developer Conference and we wanted to me more technical and less general.
> The topics the we've covered were quite interesting (
> ). I'd like to bring
> some of these folks to FUDCon so they can talk to larger audience about
> their pet projects.
> What do you think? Do you need me to provide more info about anything? Let
> me know.

We would like to bring FUDCon to Zurich. There is already a lot of
useful information on the wiki:

The event could be combinded with a 'happening' called FrOSCamp
( and dated on 2010-09-17/18/19.

As we got the conference rooms for free, money could be spend on
accommodation or social event(s).

Best Regards

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