Events FAD -- comments on our status

Max Spevack mspevack at
Sun Jan 31 01:25:52 UTC 2010


While you guys were at dinner, I took a chance to step back from 
everything and try to look at the big picture.  I'm really impressed 
with the amount we've achieved so far at this FAD.

I'm really sorry about the weather screwing up our opportunity to have 
another good social event tonight, but appreciate everyone gutting it 
out and making the best of the situation.

Great stuff, everyone.  I love Fedora.



I've taken a look at most of the active threads and pages that we worked 
on today, and tried to assess current status and remaining TODOS.


[[Premier Fedora Events]] -- has most of the content it needs.  Could do 
a better job of really making sure that we drive people who care about 
anything more than the schedule of what's upcoming to [[FUDCon]] and 

The rest of the page serves its purpose, which is to provide the 
calendar for all FUDCons and FADs that are upcoming, or that need to be 


[[FAD]] -- I think this page is in good shape.

[[FUDCon Planning FAD]] -- A good idea.  The closest thing we've ever 
had to this was


[[FUDCon]] -- I'm happy with the current state of this page.


[[FUDCon design]] needs to be merged into [[FUDCon:Organization]], 
replacing what is now deprecated, and then eventually redirected to 
[[FUDCon:Organization]].  We should also include a link off to [[FUDCon 
Planning FAD]] in the new contents.

There is a fudcon-howto doc in gobby that may or may not have already 
been turned into [[FUDCon design]].  If that gobby doc is no longer 
needed, we should remove it.


[[FUDCon_and_FAD_locations]] will eventually be obsoleted by a [[FUDCon 
bid process]] page, and redirect to it.  Probably will rename 
[[FUDcon_location_proposal_policy]] into [[FUDCon bid process]].

This page is still being hacked on in gobby.


[[Sponsoring_event_attendees]] -- this page is superb, and needs to be 
linked to from [[Events]] and from somewhere in [[FAMSCO]], as well as 
the FUDCon organization pages.


Remaining TODOs:

* Work with Rodrigo on Sunday about LATAM (Max, Mel, Dennis?).  This is 
really happening at 8 AM?  Good grief.

* Wait for feedback from India about FUDCon (Max already reached out).

* Keep working on the bid process (David, Max).

* Generally update and clean up the following: (Mel)

The goal of this item is so that people who want to look at the results 
of the FAD can see a properly cleaned up page that shows them (a) what 
we did, and (b) points them off in the directions of the wiki pages that 
we touched, etc.  We just want to make sure we've tied up loose ends, 
and properly documented the FADs achievement as well as what needs to be 
done post-FAD.

* Are there any survey todos?  If so, what are they, where are they 
captured, and who owns them?

* Figure out how folks are getting home.

* Break off the FUDCon Live TODOs and such into its own space so that it 
can have a plan and life beyond this FAD.

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