Ticket updates and transparency

Paul Frields stickster at gmail.com
Wed Sep 15 13:49:08 UTC 2010

I've started being more cognizant of ticket assignments in the Trac
instance, and making sure the right tickets are assigned to the right

If you are dealing with some FUDCon issue that involves other
contributors, please make sure they're kept informed by cc'ing them on
relevant tickets. I've had one instance come up recently where a
contributor wasn't aware of an issue affecting him. The whole point of
having open planning is to keep people looped in.

IRC messages and private email are not effective at keeping everyone
in the loop.  (They're acceptable when there's private information
that needs to be communicated, though, like personal information.)  If
what I'm doing affects anyone other than me and the person I'm talking
to, chances are excellent it needs to be on the list or in a ticket,
and specifically I should be making sure that affected people are

It occurs to me this is probably good advice in all parts of the
Fedora Project, but specifically I'm concerned that we ensure FUDCon
is planned and executed as transparently as possible. That's not just
to make our jobs easier, but also to set a pace for the next FUDCon
(outside North America), where we expect the planners to do the same
thing in the future.


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