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#202: Funding request for Robert Scheck
 Reporter:  robert             |       Owner:  sundaram
     Type:  Funding request    |      Status:  new     
 Priority:  blocker            |   Milestone:          
Component:  FUDCon India 2011  |    Keywords:          
 I think it would be a great experience to participate this event and I
 would be very pleased about your help.

  * From a quick look, I don't know if Joerg's estimation of about 1000 USD
 sponsoring/funding still is up-to-date.
  * A flight with a trustworthy airline to Mumbai (and retoure) is around
 850 EUR (~ 1225 USD) at the moment; price might increase if we get closer.
  * A direct flight to Pune is unrealistic as it is from +250 EUR up to
 +650 EUR on top to the flight costs to Mumbai - and even causes
 limitations due to less frequent flights.
  * I have no idea about the hotel room/accommodation costs, but Joerg
 should have experiences here.
  * Joerg and I could also share a hotel room, if that helps somehow (and
 if Joerg still can sleep if I snore).
  * I have proposed one talk so far, but I'm thinking about adding another
 one. I'm also open for suggestions given that I'm active at packaging,
 ambassadors and mentoring.
  * It would be really a pleasure to me if I can share my experience of the
 previously mentioned projects and teams with other Fedora contributors.
  * I need to get passport, which should take up to 4-6 weeks according to
 the website.
  * I also need to get a visa, that should take up to 1-2 weeks according
 to the website.
  * Did I forget something? Hopefully not, but if so, please let me know
 and just ask...

 I would be helpful to get a soon reply, similar like at Joerg, because I
 have to deal with my employer regarding vacation, flights won't get
 cheaper if we wait longer and passport/visa also need time till they're

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