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#206: Funding request for Robert Scheck
 Reporter:  robert             |       Owner:  fcrippa
     Type:  Funding request    |      Status:  new    
 Priority:  normal             |   Milestone:         
Component:  FUDCon Milan 2011  |    Keywords:         
 It would be very nice and helpful if with a partial subsidy my airfare
 could be covered. Booking is already done (2011-09-30 to 2011-10-03,
 leaving at 2011-10-02 makes the flight very expensive), here are my final

  * Airfare (Lufthansa) is 133.67 EUR
  * Accommodation (Perugino) is 222.00 EUR

 I'm not sure if there was a request deadline and if so, I might be too
 late due to my vacation. But as said before, booking is done, money is

 If my airfare could be covered, it would be really awesome, but it won't
 be the end of the world if not. Oh, I'm not really expecting my
 accommodation to be covered, it's just for your overview.

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