FUDCon India Aug 12th 2011 meeting minutes

Rahul Sundaram metherid at gmail.com
Fri Aug 12 14:12:22 UTC 2011



Meeting started by jsmith at 13:01:31 UTC

Meeting summary

    Roll Call! (jsmith, 13:02:00)
    Status updates: FUDCon Venue (jsmith, 13:07:26)
        Details from this week's meeting at the venue at
(jsmith, 13:09:51)

    Status updates: Hotel (jsmith, 13:11:03)
    Status updates: Catering/lunches/etc (jsmith, 13:12:32)
    Status update: FUDPub (jsmith, 13:17:30)
    Status update: Travel subsidies (jsmith, 13:18:36)
        List of tickets is at
(jsmith, 13:20:06)
        Subsidy spreadsheet is at
(jsmith, 13:20:22)

    Ticket #194: Heherson Pagcaliwagan (azneita) (jsmith, 13:23:21)
        AGREED: to fund ticket 194 ($910 for airfare, plus a hotel room)
(jsmith, 13:29:12)
        AGREED: to hold off until next week for any other subsidy
requests, to get a better handle on budget (jsmith, 13:32:56)

    Status updates: website (jsmith, 13:33:06)
    Status update: Artwork (jsmith, 13:43:01)
    Any other business? (jsmith, 13:55:51)
        http://www.kktravels.com/ (Shrink, 13:59:33)

Meeting ended at 14:07:16 UTC (full logs).

People present (lines said)

    mether (69)
    jsmith (54)
    tatica (27)
    bckurera (24)
    Shrink (17)
    zodbot (4)
    gomix (1)


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