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#217: Funding request for Dmitry Mukha (username dimm)
 Reporter:  dimm               |       Owner:  fcrippa                   
     Type:  Funding request    |      Status:  new                       
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Component:  FUDCon Milan 2011  |    Keywords:  FUDCon Milan, Dmitry Mukha
 Dear organizers!
 Tell us the following:

  * What do you need covered? (Please estimate the costs in USD: hotel $X,
 travel $Y)
 ''-Traveling 280 EUR / 405 USD[[BR]]
 -Visa application 60 EUR / 87 USD[[BR]]
 -Accomodation: 4 days with price 40 EUR a day, 160 EUR / 230 USD''

 ''Totally 500 EUR / 722 USD''

  * If we cannot provide a full subsidy, will a partial subsidy be helpful?

  * What will you accomplish by being at FUDCon? (Please be as specific as
 possible, since this is the most important factor in granting requests.)

 ''As a developer of bioinformatic tools, my main interest is to finish and
 make public Java and C++-written tools for protein structure modeling and
 analysis that are in develop in the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry, NAS
 of Belarus that I am presenting. Fedora is the main OS that we use in our
 work (both on desktops and cluster machine).''

 ''To date we have no experience of publishing code under GNU license. I'm
 am interested in aspects of using Fedora repositories for spreading the

 ''And the second task is to make Fedora platform the most efficient for
 java applications we have in our project Bri-shur (bri-shur.com), mainly
 devoted to protein/DNA sequence analysis and 3D protein structure

  * If you are requesting airfare, include complete flight information such
 as flight numbers, desired departure and arrival airports, and times. Also
 let us know if you have specific time restrictions.

 ''Two-way air ticket''

 ''Sep, 29:[[BR]]
 13:25 Minsk -> 16:50 Milan[[BR]]
 Austrian (OS688)[[BR]]
 Austrian (OS513)[[BR]]''

 ''Oct, 03: [[BR]]
 16:40 Milan -> 23:15 Minsk [[BR]]
 Austrian (OS514)[[BR]]
 Austrian (OS689)''

 ''Its total cost is        248,00 EUR[[BR]]''
 ''Transfer from/to Malpensa  32 EUR ''

  * Do you need a visa or other official processing before you can attend
 FUDCon?  If so, approximately how long does that processing take?
 ''Yes, I need a visa. It takes 2 week to get an Italian one.''
  * Include any additional, relevant information.
 ''Currently I occupy the position of PhD student / Research Fellow in
 Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry, defending my wok that compines in vitro
 experiments with extreme use of bio- and chemoinformatic tools. My goal is
 to find out the rules helping to distinguish toxic drugs among others on
 the early stage of their developing.''

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