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#86: Consider anti-harrassment policy for FUDCon
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 I'd like to re-open this, and propose a modification: why don't we have a
 *Fedora* anti-harassment policy? There is no need to restrict it to
 conferences, or a conference. Fedora is an inherently community-based
 project, and I don't see any problem with asserting a requirement that
 people refrain from harassment in all involvement with the Fedora
 community. That way, events (starting with the next FUDCon) and Fedora
 sub-projects can simply 'include' the project-wide anti-harassment policy.
 This is a concept that's gaining traction; OSCon recently got a widespread
 positive response to doing it, for instance. And in my personal opinion
 it's simply the right thing to do. We can take advantage of existing
 resources in actually drafting a policy - Geek Feminism, the existing
 policies of other events and communities.

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