FUDCon Milan - weekly meeting

Jared K. Smith jsmith at fedoraproject.org
Thu Jun 2 17:05:49 UTC 2011

On Wed, May 25, 2011 at 12:54 PM, Jared K. Smith
<jsmith at fedoraproject.org> wrote:
> I've set up a "when is good" page at
> http://whenisgood.net/fudcon_milan_planning for everyone interested to
> show which times and days they are available for the weekly FUDCon
> planning meeting.  Please take a moment and show which times you're
> available, and we'll get a weekly meeting going forward.

It's a week later, and only two other people besides myself have
indicated their availability, but there's only one hour that works for
the three of us, so we'll go with that for now.  The time that worked
is Fridays at 15:00 UTC (11:00am Eastern Time in the USA).

We will have a very brief meeting tomorrow (if people are able to make
it) to kick things off, and then go from there.

Thanks again for your support of FUDCon Milan!

Jared Smith
Fedora Project Leader

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