FUDCon Kuala Lumpur Hotel Pricing and Discount Info

Maverick JS mavjs01 at gmail.com
Sun Mar 11 11:47:02 UTC 2012

Dear All,

I was tasked with finding out the hotel pricing/discount for FUDCon KUL
last IRC meeting. So, here it is;

Hotel Sri Petaling is probably the best candidate for the event. Since
it has good pricing, rooms availability and restaurants/foods available
nearby. (Already mentioned at FUDCon planning meeting)

This is the reconfirmation of room categories and pricing;

Superior/Standard room: either (1 x king size) or (2 x single) beds.
202.00MYR/67.00USD. Accommodates a maximum of 2 adults.

Family Suite
Family Standard room: (1 x king) + (1 x single) bed. 270.00MYR/90.00USD.
Accommodates a maximum of 3 adults. Can have only 1 extra bed.

Family Superior room: (1 x king) + (2 x single) bed.
315.00MYR/105.00USD. Accommodates a maximum of 4 adults. Can have only 1
extra bed.

Family Deluxe room: two separate bedrooms. (1 x king) + (2 x single)
beds. 340.00MYR/113.00USD. Accommodates a maximum of 4 adults. Can have
2 more extra bed.

[Note]: - Pricing is per night (+/-) inclusive of taxes & fees.
	- All pricing include breakfast.
	- We can have extra beds for 53MYR/17.61USD with breakfast.
	- wi-fi is provided with no extra charges.
	- The hotel doesn't give discount unless we're taking 30 and above
	- Should make a move on booking the rooms, between this month and
middle of next month, as they may become unavailable since other events
from the ministries are happening during April/May.

Kind Regards,
MavJS @ freenode.net
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