Funding Approval Meeting for FUDCon Kuala Lumpur 2012

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Fri Mar 23 02:42:57 UTC 2012

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> I am not speaking on behalf the organizing team.
> However I am not aware on how the evaluation will be carried out.
> inode0 has raised an important issue as I see, if the requests are
> not evaluated as first come, first serve (FC, FS) basis.
> I understood that the evaluation should be carried out as per the
> guideline[1] and I agree with that rather than entertaining the
> request on FC, FS basis.
> Thanks inode0 again for raising this.
> [1]

IMHO, I think, it's not good to evaluate as FC-FS basis. We should
sponsor to people who can contribute most to the event while keep
the total in budget.

For the Funding approval meeting today, as we have got a specific
appointment, I think it still could be happened while it has not got
any conflicts with above statement.
In that meeting, we can have fund approved for nearly-sure requests
(for people we see mostly closed to the criteria)


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