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Victor Skovorodnikov vic_sk at
Mon Apr 17 20:23:11 UTC 2006

Hi Mike,
 Thank you for replying.  Nope, I haven't went this far yet.  My main objective right now is to resolve the licensing issues and make sure that the game works the right way.  Plus, it also needs to be mutated into a C++ code and I need to find a way to attach wxWidgets menus/preferences to it.
 But, the core playable portion is working :-)

Wart <wart at> wrote: Hi Victor,

Have you started making a srpm for the game yet, or are you still
concentrating on the software itself?


Victor Skovorodnikov wrote:
> Hi folks,
> I am, what could be considered as, in development of a game that I am planning to submit to Fedora's "extras" section. I am really not much of a gamer so I am not sure what the gamers' expectations of a good games are. This is a 2D shooter, and probably games need lot's of explosions and most are preferred to have shooting in them.
> I will very much appreciate if you would kindly, if you have time, try out my game called "Maximum Destruction" and provide any feedback you may have on how to improve it, while I am trying to resolve the images licensing issues.
>  The game is on my site at: 
> Any suggestions on the game's content or on how to improve will be greatly appreciated. Or, if you would like to participate in the development of this game or would like me to participate in the development of other games, please let me know.
>  Thank you very much,
>  Victor.

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