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Jon Ciesla limb at
Tue Apr 7 13:51:24 UTC 2009

Jon Ciesla wrote:
> Bruno Wolff III wrote:
>> I double checked the sizes of the Beta version of the spin and found
>> that all my slack space disappeared. I am not sure what changed.
>> The i686 version was about 1 MiB under the 4GiB limit. The x86_64
>> version was about 7 MiB over the limit. Previously I had these a few
>> 10s of MiB below the limit.
>> If Jon makes a slim version of nexuiz in time, that might help.
>> Otherwise unless I can figure out why my tests didn't match the official
>> versions in size and find it was something temporary (e.g. debug 
>> kernels), I'll
>> need to cut another game out.
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> Nexuiz 2.5 just hit rawhide.  I'll take a look at creating a slim 
> version, but if someone tests it out and has suggestions, I'm all ears.
Scratch that, I'm guessing it's not possbile.  The bulk of the -data 
pacakge's size is data20090402.pk3, which is 600+ MB.

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