Yesod Feature for F19

Jens Petersen petersen at
Tue Dec 11 09:34:43 UTC 2012


Fedora 18 is now frozen for release - so a good time now
to start thinking about features for Fedora 19.

Michel wrote:
> > [Yesod] is something that we have wanted for quite a while but found
> > to be a bit of a moving target to keep up with with our limited
> > resources. Submitting all the packages is not that hard - getting
> > them reviewed more so...  So in that sense might be better if
> > someone like you could help to review them. :-)  Anyway how about
> > doing a Yesod Feature for F19?  It is certainly something I would
> > also like to see happen and I will try to help.
> > 
> Sounds like a good idea. I'll start a feature page in the next couple
> of days, and we can probably divide the work up, taking turns
> packaging and reviewing.

Ok, I went ahead and created a draft Feature page:

I think it is a reasonable start but still a bit terse and
lacking some details so feel free to edit and improve it.
The submission deadline is end of January but I don't
see why we should not be able to submit it earlier next month
after scoping a little more.

So far I added Ben, Michel, and Narasim as co-owners.

Maybe the largest missing detail is the number of packages
still needed and the exact list of them: if someone has
prepared that then please add it as a link to the Feature page.

I guess we have a tracking bug to measure our progress too.

> Also, what to do with review requests that have bit-rotted?

Maybe easier just close them now if they haven't been refreshed.

Thanks, Jens

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