cabal-rpm update and ghc-7.7

Jens Petersen petersen at
Tue Oct 8 09:56:50 UTC 2013


Let me share a little news on cabal-rpm and ghc development:

I have just released cabal-rpm-0.8.6 (currently Fedora updates has 0.8.3).
The total changes are:

- use repoquery to determine extra C library dependencies
- quote "pkgconfig(foo)" for rpm query and yum install
- show sudo command before sudo password prompt appears
- exclude hsc2hs from build tool deps
- devel provides ghc-<pkg>-static
- drop release from initial changelog entry for packager to add an entry
- do not try to fetch tarball for a darcs or git source dir
- make cblrpm-diff quieter

In the next release I will probably change to using explicit %files
(ie drop the use of generated filelists (they are highly predictably).

I have been doing some test building of ghc-7.7 in preparation
for the coming ghc-7.8 release.  Some good news is that it seems
ghc will shared dyn libraries on all architectures (see the
latest untested ARM packages in
This should help simplify the packaging going forward
with not having to worry about whether or not there are
shared libs or not depending on the arch.  Additionally
it seems ghc is longer so dependent on static libraries
so I am planning to add -static subpackages to F21 for ghc-7.8.

I built a newer snapshot I created yesterday and uploaded it
to .


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