help needed with Haskell Platform for ghc-7.8

Jens Petersen petersen at
Wed Oct 30 09:48:19 UTC 2013

Hi Haskell SIG,

As some of you may be aware the release of ghc-7.8
is approaching (probably in Dec) and I would like to
move Rawhide to it soon after that.  This would mean
moving ahead of official Haskell-Platform
(other distros are already doing this now).
For this I would like to advance the repackaging of
haskell-platform subpackages into individual packages.

Currently mtl and zlib package reviews are ready in the queue.
If some people could help to review those that would be great
and I will prepare some more.  I think cabal-install just
needs additionally HTTP -> network -> parsec (-> mtl),
so that is my initial target for ghc-7.8.1, if we can do
more then even better!

With the fedora-review tool, reviews should not take long.
The main job is probably just checking the content of
the spec file and that the license tag is correct.


ps On another topic I thinking to drop package filelist generation
in F21 and just list files explicitly generated by cabal-rpm
of course - the files are highly predictably so it would be
one more step in simplifying our packaging for greater
transparency.  And to add static subpackages for 7.8.

pps I am also still keen to have a Haskell Spin finally in Fedora
but now I am not sure how that is going to pan out in the new
world of Fedora Products and WGs... we shall see.

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