proposal: static subpackages for executable binaries

Jens Petersen petersen at
Wed Dec 10 07:27:16 UTC 2014


> I have been getting more requests for statically linked Bin packages
> from various users so now I am thinking to add static *subpackages* for
> packages with Haskell binary executable packages.
> eg cabal-install-static, pandoc-static, darcs-static, hscolour-static, etc
> The main base packages will still carry the default dynlinked
> executable.  I will use alternatives to handle the choice
> between the dyn and statically linked Haskell binaries.
> (All executables will still be dynlinked against C libs
> of course.)

I have played a bit with this now and ran into the "usual" problem
that rpm %ghost does not seem to play well with changing files into symlinks
or at any rate converting a file into an alternative symlink.

Actually I remember the same issue when Fedora emacs moved
to alternatives (perhaps it is a weakness of Fedora's version of alternatives?).
The workaround seems to be to uninstall and reinstall but that is
not really good/acceptable IMHO.

You can see my implementation for alex at:

I tried switching it to %posttrans (like emacs) but that didn't help...

Any ideas/thoughts/suggestions?

I would really like to get this done but there doesn't
seem to be a clean foolproof way to implement it, AFAICS. :-|

Right now the only idea I have would be to add a symlink to alex.static
in %post if /usr/bin/alex does not exist, but that is kind of fragile;
or %pre rm /usr/bin/alex??


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