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Jens Petersen petersen at
Mon Feb 10 03:38:26 UTC 2014

Hi Sébastien, 

> Hi, I would like to help packaging haskell rpms for fedora. Is any specific
> help needed, or do I just start packaging the packages I wish?

Perhaps you have seen our wiki page and irc channel already by now? 

Thanks for taking some reviews already! :) is the current list of new package reviews. 
Right now I am working on unsubpackaging the haskell-platform libraries and tools 
into separate packages (currently sync, regex-compat, and network are waiting for review). 
Some of the other package review either block various package updates or are considered interesting. 
Help is very welcome and needed on the Review side. 

Of course you are also welcome to submit reviews: I would recommend targeting 
a specific program, test framework, library stack (eg clientsession or persistent). 

> I’m interested in yesod, and I see that a review request already exists, but
> it seems inactive. Is there any problem?

Right, we have tried to tackle it for a while but progress has been slow 
and it has also been quite a fast moving target in the past - 
it might be a little easier now perhaps. Debian and Ubuntu have it 
so it would be nice to have it packaged for Fedora too. 
Yesod-core is close to done except for clientsession! 

If you have more questions please ask. 

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