ghc-7.8 now in Fedora Rawhide

Jens Petersen petersen at
Sat Feb 7 13:38:17 UTC 2015

The Fedora Haskell SIG is pleased to announce the arrival of GHC 7.8 in Fedora 22 Rawhide (development tree).

- the GHC version is 7.8.4: we are no longer following haskell-platform strictly
- Around 125 Haskell packages have been updated to new versions, including pandoc-1.13.2.

 See <>.

GHC 7.8 has a lot of nice new features including:
- shared dynamic libraries on *nix arches
- a new runtime I/O manager which scales much better for larger workloads
- new NCG and overhauled llvm backend

 See <>

At the same there are currently still a number of provisos in Rawhide:
- a few packages have not yet been rebuilt/updated with ghc-7.8.4:
  - build errors:  bustle, ghc-ForSyde, ghc-type-level, ghc-parameterized-data
  - missing new deps:  hledger, Agda, leksah, cab
- also the RTS seems to have some strange problems on ARM leading to crashes which is under investagation: no idris build on armv7.

 These should be fixed over the coming days/weeks.

Please report any problems you find in bugzilla.

Thanks, Jens

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