ghc-7.8 now in Fedora Rawhide

Jens Petersen petersen at
Tue Feb 17 10:43:43 UTC 2015

[this follow mail is a bit - I started writing it during]

> The Fedora Haskell SIG is pleased to announce the arrival of GHC 7.8 in
> Fedora 22 Rawhide (development tree).

> At the same there are currently still a number of provisos in Rawhide:
> - a few packages have not yet been rebuilt/updated with ghc-7.8.4:
>   - build errors:  bustle, ghc-ForSyde, ghc-type-level, ghc-parameterized-data

Bustle is now built - thanks to the author.

I am probably going to retire the ForSyDe stack (ie also type-level and parameterized-data)
since it seems no longer maintained upstream.

Bruno Wolf is working on hedgewars, which I had forgotten to list.

>   - missing new deps:  hledger, Agda, leksah, cab

hledger needs: tabular, wizards -> control-monad-free -> prelude-extras
(as noted in the URM bug for a while now <>)
Ben: do you have time for this?

Agda needs: equivalence, data-hash, boxes, STMonadTrans, and tf-random -> QuickCheck >= 2.7.5
I will try to submit packages after assessing QuickCheck-2.7.

leksah needs: regex-tdfa-text, vado, vcsgui, vcswrapper
I am wondering if it might be better to move leksah to Copr?
That would also get us quicker to gtk3 support ;o)
and I don't think it does anything dyre-ish
so I can quickly use cabal install there...

cab needs: conduit >=1.1, conduit-extra >=1.1.2
(I'd like to update conduit from 1.0 anyway.)

But we could also move some of these to Copr if they take too long...

> - also the RTS seems to have some strange problems on ARM leading to crashes
> which is under investagation: no idris build on armv7.

I had to disable various %check section on arm because of this.
Reported upstream at

Many things seem to work though including pandoc and ghci
and idris the only excluded package I think.

On another note I didn't get ghc-7.8 to build yet on arm64...

Do follow up with comments or thoughts.


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