rawhide report: 20150217 changes

Jens Petersen petersen at redhat.com
Wed Feb 18 12:52:18 UTC 2015

An update on ghc-7.8 progress:

> [Agda]
> [Agda-stdlib]

Newer Agda which builds with ghc-7.8 needs some new deps:
equivalence, data-hash, boxes, STMonadTrans, and tf-random -> QuickCheck >= 2.7.5.

Possibily it could also be moved to Copr if there is little interest.

> [cab]

Newer cab needs newer conduit which I think is attractive to have anyway.

> [ghc-ForSyDe]
> [ghc-parameterized-data]
> [ghc-type-level]

I plan to retire this electronics stack which is no longer actively
maintained upstream.

> [hedgewars]

Good news, Bruno Wolf has kindly done the legwork to get this to build. :-)
So it should disappear from tomorrow's report.

> [hledger]

Newer hledger needs new tabular and wizards (-> control-monad-free -> prelude-extras) to build.

We could also consider moving it to Copr is there is not much demand.
I am happy to file Review Requests if people are intersted in keeping it.
(I asked mathstuf if he has time to look at it.)

> [leksah]

This also needs new deps: regex-tdfa-text, vado, vcsgui, vcswrapper.

Again I thinking about moving this to Copr.
I would be less of a burden to maintain it there.

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