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Jens Petersen petersen at
Wed Jul 22 04:12:45 UTC 2015


It has been pretty quiet here recently...
At the end of last month I attended FUDCon in Pune
and gave a talk there on Haskell.

Anyway I wanted to mention one recent Haskell change
that was implemented in Fedora recently.

I added a Stackage backend to Anitya (in addition
to the Hackage one) and
was updated so that the Haskell packages in Stackage
now track Stackage rather than Hackage directly.
Thanks to Pingou for his help with this operation!

There are still about 80 of our packages not (yet) in

I think currently we are just tracking Stackage Nightly
but in the future we may want to track LTS or a specific
LTS major/minor version even.

So from now on when packaging, please use the latest version
from Stackage not Hackage when available: I guess I should
update cabal-rpm to do that. And when registering new packages
in, please use the Stackage backend
instead of Hackage when your package is included in Stackage.
Also particularly when updating packages
please follow the package version in Stackage as far
as possible not the latest version in Hackage.
This should reduce the risk of revdep breakage when
updating packages.

As usual I also suggest to limit version updates
particularly of libraries as far as possible for
current Fedora releases to reduce our workload.
Generally minor library version updates within
a Fedora release provide little valuable to users
compared to the amount of work needed for rebuilding
consumers of the library so let's not go out of our
way to create extra unnecessary work for ourselves.

Any questions or comments?

Thanks, Jens

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