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--- Comment #12 from Axel Hecht <l10n at mozilla.com>  2009-08-18 03:24:11 EDT ---
Some comments from the "upstream side":

Making language packs not extensions is something that we're unlikely going to
do, at least not anytime soon. It'd make things like localizing extensions
harder, or installing langpacks off of addons.mozilla.org.

Mozilla itself at this point in time doesn't ship anything but single-locale
builds. For us that's the right decision, as we're producing builds for people
that didn't get Firefox via their OS.

For users that do get Firefox with their OS, using OS locale selection
mechanism to set the Firefox locale is probably the right thing to do.

Onwards on that:

- I still don't like the matchOS code path, even though bsmedberg recently OKed
that we switch it on if we get to the point that Mozilla creates multi-locale

- If matchOS is on, installing *all* language packs is unlikely the right
answer, as the user doesn't have a UI to switch them on, in general.

At which point we're at a packaging problem, and I don't know enough about
redhat's packaging stuff to enlightenfully comment. But the distros would have
to solve how to install and update those language packs that would be the right
choice and be picked by matchOS for all the languages that the user has
currently installed. Quickly glancing at ubuntu, it seems that's what they do.

If you want to emphasize that those are distro managed, you might want to set
them to <em:hidden>True</em:hidden>. Get that reviewed by Mossop or :bs,

To detail a bit about "install and update", the language packs should get
updates when the upstream localization is updated. l10n-changesets and its
history would help in making that call. We do get complaints about that not
happening with other aforementioned distros ;-) from our localizers. Didn't
verify if that's fixed by now.

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