[Fedora-i18n-bugs] [Bug 623871] Review Request: flies-Python-client-client and library for working Flies

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Thu Aug 26 00:20:31 UTC 2010

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--- Comment #11 from Ding-Yi Chen <dchen at redhat.com> 2010-08-25 20:20:30 EDT ---
Well, I've tested 0.0.3-3 on both Fedora-12 and Fedora-13, the problem still
Is there a way to clean/rebuild the cache by hand?

BTW, whenever you changed source, please remember to update the version number,
e.g. from version 0.0.3 to 0.0.4.

Release number is for the case that:
1. You change the spec.
2. You add new patch.
without touch the source tarball.

If you change both source and spec, you only need to update the version number,
e.g. 0.0.3-3 -> 0.0.4-1.


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