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--- Comment #1 from Parag <pnemade at redhat.com> 2011-09-12 01:45:14 EDT ---
(In reply to comment #0)
> Description of problem:
> I have some thoughts on improving UI for iok, particularly for the use case on
> non-Indic language.
> 1) Get rid of "English" entry from the language list.
>   That is meaningless to keep it there since "to English" button is available.

 Consider a default case where Indic user used to get iok by default started in
his language. That case we need that Indic keymap and English. This will enable
user to quickly switch to English and can type English letters. 

Having English in language list allows iok to load English mappings when said
"to English". Combobox entries when selected triggers keymap loading function
and displays keymappings.

> 2) should keep the same state to the initial state after clicking "to English"
> button.
>   I think the initial state would be natural. I mean selecting the language
> from ASCII layout (English mode) since the neutral position is ASCII layout on
> other IM. however once selecting the language from the list and switch back to
> English mode with "to English" button, iok masks the language list. one needs
> to switch with "To <language" button to choose other language from the list.
> this behavior isn't consistent to the initial state and other IM. there are IM
> that supports to switch multiple IME regardless of current state though, if you
> want to provide such features, you should simply stop masking the language
> list.

Here I need to think then on UI as preferred UI, for iok is its default mode
which opens iok in indic locale where no need to show language list.

> 3) maybe "to ASCII" is better than "to English"?
>   I like to see the icon to indicate the state of "on" and "off" with the icon
> though, if you want to keep the string, guess that would be better using
> "ASCII" instead of "English".

 Ok. I can change this to ASCII with the assumption that novice user knows what
ASCII mean compare to English word.
     I can also think on adding on and off image labels but how can user know
what it does?

> 4) selected the language from the list should keeps it default in next time

This can be implemented.

> 5) entries in the language list should be translatable
>   Since it's hidden when running iok on any Indic locale, that should appears
> in the native language on current desktop. that would be helpful for those who
> wants to learn Indic but running iok on their locale.

Language list is not static. Its picked up from location /usr/share/m17n. If
inscript keymaps are installed there then all those will appear in language

> 6) simplify the language list like the IME list on ibus
>   there are too many entries on the language list. that would be nice to
> simplify like ibus does.

Language list depends on 2 things
1) no. of inscript keymaps installed in /usr/share/m17n
2) static file with some xkb maps from /usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols/in

Not sure how much simplification can be done in iok?

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