[Fedora-i18n-list] Typing Chinese while keeping the application in English

Daniel S.K. Yek 叶盛刚 danieyek at alumni.washington.edu
Wed Oct 6 06:34:11 UTC 2004

Hi Stephen,

On Tue, 2004-10-05 at 01:29, Stephen Liu wrote:
> Login Gnome (language tried : Trad/Simplified Chinese)
> > Gedit > Right click > Input Method 

I am using English language as the default. I hardly ever login to Gnome
session in Chinese. With UNICODE & UTF-8 (UNICODE Transformation Format)
support, you can enter any UNICODE characters in a document. You don't
have to use Chinese menu. Just remember to send emails with UTF-8
encoding (except for some web-mail users, who can receive only BIG-5 or
GB-2312 encoding.) Text files are typically saved as UTF-8 encoding.

> 'Ctrl+Space bar' switching between Pinyin/Canjie and
> English.  Chinese input is possible

My Ctrl+Space bar doesn't work, maybe I haven't upgraded to the latest.
Your setup works better than mine in this particular aspect! I might
wait for Fedora Core 3 before I have time to upgrade everything

> My problems were
> 1) If I can't find a Chinese character needed on the
> first page I can't switch to another page
> (additional/following page).  This happens on all
> programs, such as, Kedit, Kmail, Gedit, OOo Writer,
> etc.

I use the ">" character to page through the selection.


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