plan to disable some ibus-m17n engines

Daiki Ueno ueno at
Wed Oct 26 06:45:10 UTC 2011


As you may know, ibus-m17n provides a number of engines, some of which
are less useful than more specific / feature-rich ones such as
ibus-pinyin and ibus-anthy.  I plan to reduce the number of m17n engines
enabled by default.  Going through the comps language support, the
current candidates for removal are:

m17n:*:kbd (overlap with XKB engines)
m17n:zh:py (overlaps with ibus-pinyin)
m17n:zh:pinyin (subset of m17n:zh:py)
m17n:ja:anthy (overlaps with ibus-anthy)
m17n:ko:han2 (overlaps with ibus-hangul)
m17n:ko:romaja (overlaps with ibus-hangul)

I'm not quite sure about the following engines:

m17n:ru:* (may overlap with ibus-table)
m17n:vi:* (may overlap with ibus-unikey)
m17n:zh:* (may overlap with ibus-table)

Current patch for testing:

Comments and suggestions would be appreciated.

Daiki Ueno

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