[fedora-india] request for solution to re-install fedora 13.which failed for four times in WinXP

Sriranga(77yrsold) withblessings at gmail.com
Wed Jul 21 09:49:17 UTC 2010

 just now  - with help of Xanadros 4 (trial version) - I was able to
restored the  partition which was unformatted  at the time of
re-installation by Fedora LiveCD - *back to NTFS forma*t after checked the
contents of  every drive with help of *browser* button of partition table of
Xandros - *before* installing Xandros  and make sure that data of WinxP  are
safe and then cancelled  installation of xandros.   In WinXP  I noticed that
new drive formed as F for NTFS (in place of fedora13). Problem of recovering
the drive F( *31.8GB*) was thus  solved. For Installing Fedora13 how much
free space is required without any problem?
computer = Dell  OS = WinxP plus ubuntu10.04(using *wubi*.exe).
With regards,
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