[fedora-india] Hi, trouble in fedora media program

Suchakra suchakra at gmail.com
Wed Jul 28 12:23:28 UTC 2010

Cool! But, I think we are discussing too much..Getting media requests
serviced in a better fashion is our ultimate goal. The Freemedia
program is nice and its evident that there is infrastructure to manage
the requests efficiently (Form, tickets etc). The users will be able
to contact the Ambassadors personally (e-mail or India List) in case
the media request form is closed. Anyone can volunteer if he/she is
having media, resources and is *geographically* in the vicinity.
There's a proper flow , a nice process. I don't see any point of
deviation form the process. I urge guys to help out people in need of
free media. If its not always possible to mail (I understand the
importance of time/money too), ask them to come over and get media. I
was once that guy who kept on asking mom money to buy me empty discs
to burn it from a friend's house who had a dsl connection as I had
dial-up still ;-)


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>> Hello all,
>> Being a fedora ambassador or free media program, you can't make bias
>> to anyone whatever was the reason, blah blah.
>> So my focus was to direct someone in such a way that he don't bother
>> with fedora. And whatever Mr. @Rahul if you want to do bias please i
>> suggest not to give your views here. As i know this is open source and
>> accessible to everyone and you are going out of bound.
> What do you mean by open source here? As far as I understand only software applications/documents can come under this category. Processes, sex life or general outlook may or may not be open :-P
>>It is accessible to everyone but I am not permitted to give my views?
>>That doesn't make any sense.  My comments on bias have nothing to do
>>with open source.  Just a human nature.
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