[fedora-india] I need fadora 13 CD

Ashwin ashwin.lists at gmail.com
Sat Jul 31 05:41:58 UTC 2010

On Saturday 31 July 2010 10:19 AM, Ravi Kumar wrote:
> pls
> All mumber i need Fedaro 13 cd
> Ravikumar S

Free CDs are in limited numbers, you may (or may not) get one. Even if 
you get one there may be a delay due to a big queue of other people 
before you.

I have not got mine so far. But I have been able to make a copy from 
another person who lives in my local area. I bought a blank DVD / CD 
(Rs.10/- a piece) for myself and copied from his CD / DVD. It is as good 
as the original one and works the same.

There are many easier and quicker ways to find and obtain a copy of 
Fedora CD. To identify a suitable source near you, please answer the 
queries below.

1. Would you like to make a copy from some one else near your place to 
get it quickly ?

2. Are you from a metro city ? Otherwise name the city / town / village 
etc. ?

3. Are you aware of / in touch with other Linux users where you live ?

with Regards,

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