[fedora-india] RubyConf India 2010

Hiemanshu Sharm hiemanshu at gmail.com
Thu Mar 11 16:42:53 UTC 2010

I will be around, and wont shoo away your audience this time :)

- Hiemanshu Sharma.

On 3/11/10 3:27 PM, shreyankg at gmail.com wrote:
> Hi,
> I would be speaking at the very first RubyConf India, held at
> Bangalore. I would be talking on "Ruby on Rails v/s Django, a newbie
> web developer's perspective".
> If anyone is around do catch up with me.
> RubyConf India
> --------------------
> The Ruby Community in India, together with the Innovation&  Technology
> Trust, is pleased to announce RubyConf India 2010 on Mar 20, 21 at the
> Royal Orchid Hotel, Old Airport Road, Bangalore.
> This dual-track event will feature prominent speakers like:
> Yukihiro Matsumoto “Matz” - the creator of Ruby himself will deliver a
> talk via video-con
> Chad Fowler author of “The Passionate Programmer” and “My Job Went to India”
> Obie Fernandez author of “The Rails Way”
> Ola Bini core-committer to JRuby since 2006
> Ivan Porto Carrero core-committer to IronRuby
> Nick Sieger of Engine Yard and JRuby fame
> Arun Gupta lead developer on GlassFish
> Ruby is an OS dynamic language that offers an ideal development
> environment for Agile practitioners. It has one of the most active
> open source communities worldwide which produces and supports tools
> and projects like Ruby on Rails - a powerful web application
> development framework that works well on different platforms, and
> significantly reduces time-to-market and operating costs.
> Brainstorm, Network and Learn about the latest technology changes first-hand!
> Follow us on twitter @rubyconfindia
> --
> Peace and Love,
> Shreyank Gupta
> Blog: http://allsortsofshrink.blogspot.com

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