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CfP is open. I will have the wikipedia page done when I get back home later

- Hiemanshu

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Hi all,

It's that time of the year when we all come together and help all the
humans to get rid off the proprietary software, yes my friends it's
time for mukt.in.

We feel great pleasure to present you mukt.in 2010. This time with a
totally new concept and a new home. Previous editions have
successfully inspired a lot of people, specially in Hyderabad about
free software and brought them to the community. But due to the active
Telangana issue this year, so we are not able to have it in Hyderabad
this time.

So, we have shifted base to Jaipur, Rajasthan. This time we are not
accepting any talks , yes that's true. Mukt.in 2010 is going to be
completely workshop based. It's our belief that hands on tutorial have
a greater and better impact on the ones attending then only talking,
and looking at the fact, most people attending it would be students
from and around jaipur, because jaipur is a hub for engineering

The mukt.in team invites submissions to its official un-conference ,
mukt.in 2010 to be held on 23rd and 24th April 2010 at Swami
Keshvanand Institute of Technology (SKIT), Jaipur, Rajasthan. We
cordially invite you to submit your CFP at http://mukt.in/cfp now.

Important Dates and Time
The last date for CFP submission is 8th April 2010. On 8th april 1200
hrs IST we will be closing the CFP window. List of selected workshops
will be announced on 10th April 2010 at 0000 hrs IST

Workshop submission Guidelines:

1. Interested speakers need to register on http://mukt.in
2. They will have to add a workshop using the system
3. In the add workshop system they need to mention following:
   a) Title of the workshop
   b) A detail description what they plan to do in the workshop
   c) Duration of the workshop
   d) Expertise level
   e) Required software to be used during the workshop
   f)  Linux distribution they plan to use (Fedora / Ubuntu we are
currently supporting)
   g) Any other extra material if you want to attach

One can submit more than 1 workshop using the system. It will be
really great if you plan to submit more than 1 workshop as it will
give you ample opportunity to start from the basics and go till the

Mukt.in 2010 theme and suggested area for workshops
As said earlier this time we are only planning to have workshops so,
we like to introduce the attendees to the concept of "shut-up and
hack". Our target audience will mostly be college students who will
have a beginner to intermediate expertise in FOSS. Plus we are also
planning to bring Rajasthan government officials / NGOs and also
college faculties. We plan to organize a complete workshop dedicated
to NGOs, government people and college faculties. The workshop for
college faculty should preferably target FOSS tools which the
faculties can use as an alternative to the existing proprietary tools.

Some of the suggested topics for workshops are:

   * LAMP.
   * FOSS and electronics.
   * Linux system administration.
   * FOSS in mobile computing.
   * Cloud computing with FOSS.
   * Emerging open standards.
   * FOSS and multimedia.
   * and much more.

For any further queries please write to us at:
contact at mukt.in

Thanks & Regards
Mukt.in 2010 Team

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