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Tue Mar 30 11:59:52 UTC 2010


Thank you for doing the event page. A couple of things here - if you
> aren't owning the event it would be good to wait and see if local
> Ambassadors are doing a "show of hands" as the owner.

There are two fedora ambassadors in jaipur and a part of mukt.in team me and
udit sharma (nick: maxudit007). Have added myself as owner, and actually the
event is being organized in my college (SKIT), and all the labs etc will be
running fedora, though most of them have been already running it from quite
some time now.
Infact I'd wanted to post on this list but couldn't
Anyway, I think we should plan something showing presence of fedora, like a
fedora booth and swag.
Please feel to suggest whatever we could do as part of fedora.


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