[fedora-india] Ambassadors in India

Rahul Sundaram metherid at gmail.com
Mon May 10 09:17:05 UTC 2010

On 05/10/2010 01:36 PM, Ashwin wrote:
> The question is would you like to judge (or be party to) other people as
> contributors / ambassadors / volunteers ? And if yes, on what basis you
> don this judgemental role (on equally passionate role of others however
> dormant it may be today) ?

There is no judgement involved in removing inactive Ambassadors. 
Ambassadors are playing a role of being a point of contact.  If they are
not available to play that role anymore, then we need to be transparent
about it.  We have already seen that people who want to get involved in
Fedora try to contact a ambassador and when they are not available
anymore, we lose that opportunity.  You seem to be assume that if
someone volunteers to do a job, there is no accountability involved.  
This is hardly the case.  We generally consider it best practise for
anyone to let us know if they are not available for some time period.
Sometimes they don't for whatever reasons and then policies are framed
to take care of this. For example, if maintainers of packages do not
respond to bug reports in a reasonable amount of time, this policy takes


Of course maintainers can return back when they are available again and
so can ambassadors.  We do sponsor ambassadors to attend events etc but
paying money directly is known to be a bad practise.  There is a lot of
research out there that confirms this.  Hope that helps. 


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